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Mediation & Moderation Analysis using IBM SPSS & Amos with PROCESS Macros – Part VI

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This lecture is from One Day Workshop “Mediation & Moderation Analysis using IBM SPSS 24, Amos 24 with PROCESS Macros” conducted on Saturday 28th January, 2017 by Adil Bilal, organized by Leadership & Management Development Associates (LMDA), at Lahore School of Management, Lahore.
This workshop was part of the “Research Excellence Series” training workshops. It was the fourth workshop of this series. This workshop is available on YouTube in seven parts. You are, currently, viewing part six.
Thanks Sir Muhammad Shakaib, Sir Rizwan Danish, Sir Zahoor Sarwar, Sir Ali Sajid, Madam Alia Ahmed, Sir John Lenarcic, Sir James Gaskin and Sir Siddhi Pittayachawan, for your kind support and valuable resources, without you people, it was not possible to start this new journey.
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