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Mediation Services | How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost? Divorce Mediation St. Louis Missouri

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Mediation Services | How much does divorce mediation cost? Divorce Mediation St. Louis Missouri https://MediationServicesLLC.com (314) 272-0727

I’m Nicole Davis, (CDFA and Divorce Mediator) I provide divorce and mediation services in St. Louis Missouri.

My #1 goal is to provide divorce information related to your divorce options and the divorce process. In this video I’d like to answer a common question that many divorcing couples have which is “How much does divorce mediation cost?”

This is a great question! The answer is…IT DEPENDS! A number of factors can impact the cost of mediation.
Here’s the short answer:
The average divorce mediation length 3 to 4 (2 hr) working sessions Mediator’s rate 0 to 0+ / hour. Taking the average for these sessions would be ,100

This doesn’t reflect work that the mediator completes between sessions. That just covers the “averages”. There are many variables associated with each couple’s divorce and it isn’t really fair to apply averages. So lets take a look at some of the variables impacting the cost. Here are just 3 variables that will impact the cost of divorce mediation

#1 Mediator Expertise Matched with Your Needs

Not all divorce mediators have the same background. Mediators can be family therapists, attorneys, and financial professionals. Mismatched skills and needs can cost spouses much more than just time and money Mistakes made during the divorce process can last a lifetime.

For example, if spouses engage a divorce mediator unfamiliar with divorce financial matters costly financial mistakes can be made. Oftentimes, spouses don’t know what they don’t know they rely on the mediator to guide them to information and resources relevant to their situation. Here’s a simple example, what if one spouse wanted to keep all of their retirement account in exchange for the other spouse keeping all equity in the home. Mediators unfamiliar with divorce financial matters may be unaware that an analysis should be conducted to remove future tax obligations from a qualified retirement account. Likewise, if the home is being sold then the it’s customary to remove assumed selling costs from the value of the marital home. This analysis allows spouses to make decisions based on true dollar for dollar comparisons. Oftentimes, divorcing couples discover missteps AFTER making all of their agreements. This causes rework (added time, money, & frustration) in the process. You wouldn’t go to a back surgeon for a heart procedure.
Be sure to do research and choose a mediator that suits your needs. Be open to the fact that this may not be the same person that a friend or family member used.

#2 Complexity of Divorce Issues

ALL divorce is complicated. This is because divorce is an emotional and stressful time for couples. uncoupling a life that was built together is complex and should be done carefully The number and complexity of issues will determine the time and expense of the divorce mediation process. For example, consider a divorce involving a business. Businesses add to the financial complexity of divorce When there’s a business, a business valuation will be needed.

Is this work an added cost? Well yes, but it is much less expensive than doing it in a litigated setting.

In a litigated divorce, each spouse hires an expert. The experts come up with their value of the business. There’s often considerable time and money spent on bantering back and forth about the number. The numbers are often different.

In mediation the spouses will agree to engage one valuation expert to complete the business valuation and review it with both spouses together. The couple, along with the mediator, can then generate settlement options and ultimately make agreements. The couple shares the expense and the non-adversarial approach saves the spouses money.

#3 The Mediator’s Process

Some mediators are more process oriented than others. When evaluating mediators be sure to ask What does your process look like? How will you help us move through the mediation efficiently? Don’t be surprised if you get slightly different answers Every mediator has developed a process that works for their practice and clients. Just listen to their explanations, ask additional questions and see what feels right for you.

Mediators with processes help spouses mediate more efficiently and this will save both time and money.

Divorce mediation is almost always less expensive than handling a divorce in the court system.

If you are getting divorced or want to know more about your divorce options or if you are looking for a divorce mediator in Missouri or Illinois then contact us

(314) 272-0727 https://MediationServicesLLC.com

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